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 Red Ludwigia
Red Ludwigia

RESTRICTED PLANTS: Some states have bans on certain pond plants. Check the USDA Noxious Plants website  prior to purchase. The buyer needs to beware of any regulations on plants that may be restricted. If your order gets confiscated by your state agriculture department we cannot be held responsible.

PLANTING SUBMERGED OXYGENATOR PLANTS - These do well if you have gravel in the bottom of your pond. Just clump the roots in a bunch and push gravel over them. If you have no gravel you can get some lead sinkers at the sporting goods department and then put a rubber band loosely around a few plants and then crimp a fishing weight onto the rubber band and drop the plant bundle where you wish. They will feed just fine off of the nutrients in your pond water, especially if you have fish that produce waste. Another option is to find some shallow plastic trays. Make a mix of dirt and gravel and plant the submerged plants into it and then lay it in your pond bottom. There are a lot of creative ways to plant these plants from simple to complex. Your imagination is your guide to how you want to use them.

Anacharis (Elodea) has narrow deep green curved leaves with long branching stems. The most common submerged water plant, popular for both pond and aquarium use. Great fast growing water garden oxygenator. For breakdown of fish waste and algae elimination use one bunch for every 20 gallons of pond. Sold in bunches. Weights can be added to sink to the bottom without planting. Anacharis remain beneath the water surface and make an ideal spot for spawning fish, plus providing an ideal place for them to hide from predators. Will grow in water 6 inches to 5 feet deep or in full sun to partial shade. Anacharis is a vigorous grower feeding primarily through its leaves, with branches that easily break off from the main plant to form new plants. It is not necessary that it be planted since soil is not needed for their survival. It can root in the pond bottom or float freely. This hardy pond plant will survive very low temperatures. Occasionally, this pond plant will flower with tiny white blooms. Plant Height 6" and Width 4". Hardy to Zone 5.

Cabomba (Cabomba caroliniana) an excellent oxygenator with bright green, distinctive bristle-like foliage on thin stems. Its graceful fan-shaped leaves lie just under the water surface. Blooms white flowers with yellow centers in summer. Fish spawn among the leaves and baby fish find it an attractive, cool hiding place. Grows best in filtered light but will tolerate both partial shade and full sun. This pond plant does best in cool water up to 30 inches deep. Cabomba does poorly in shallow water or in raised ponds which can become to hot. At low temperatures it can lose some of its foliage. It is easily propagated from cuttings by cutting branches in half. Plant Height 6" and Width 4".Hardy to Zone 8.

Hornwort (Ceratophylum demersum) a flowerless, non-rooting submerged oxygenator with dark green bristly foliage and thin branched stems. The plant does not float or sink, and does not have to be planted, just place foliage below the waters surface. This plant adds good oxygen for pond or aquarium. Hornwort plants derive all their nutrients from the pond water and will compete with the algae by reducing the nutrients available in the pond. Provides a good area for fish to spawn and hide. Best in full sun to part shade. Although it is considered tropical, often times this plant will survive the winter climates. Easy fast grower without need to worry about pond size or depth. Plant Height 6" and Width 4". Hardy from Zones 5-10.

Red Ludwigia (Ludwigia Repens) the small red and green leaves of this plant will stick up and out of the water when planted in shallow areas. A very good grower this creeping aquatic plant is great for adding a little color contrast to your submerged plants and underwater rocks. Red Ludwigia is a great oxygenator plant for pond or aquarium. This pond plant is often planted in wet soil near ponds edge to soften the sides of the pond also thrives fully submerged. Plant Height 6" and Width Wide Spreading. Hardy to Zone 8.

Vallisneria (Vallisneria Americana) Large, grass like aquatic plant, has translucent pale green leaves that grow submerged toward the surface like ribbons. Use this plant with weighted anchors or containers. Plant several bunches together in a pot with soil. Vallisneria does best grown in shade, but can also be planted in partial shade to sun in water 6-24 inches deep. Winter dormant in all climates. Flowers are tiny and insignificant. This is a practical pond plant for providing food and shelter for fish, and filtering the water to control free floating algae. Vallisneria is easily propagated by removing and rooting the clustered plants which grow from the creeping root system. This plant can get rather large and forms a dense cover for ponds making the water cooler. Plant Height 5' Width wide spreading. Hardy to Zones 4-10.


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