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Highland Rim Pond Plant Fertilizer Tabs
10-26-10 Copper Free
(Large 10 Gram Tabs)

On just about any fertilizer package, you'll usually see three numbers prominently displayed on the label. Those numbers describe the product's proportion of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), which are three essential nutrients for plant growth. Nitrogen produces healthy green foliage growth, while potassium helps boost resistance to disease and promotes plant vigor. Phosphorus, the middle number, is the element most responsible for luxurious blooming.

Specially formulated for blooming aquatic plants with a 10-26-10 ratio of nutrients, Highland Rim fertilizer tablets give your water lilies, lotus and blooming marginals plenty of phosphorus to produce the most spectacular blossoms possible. In particular, water lilies and lotus are heavy feeders that need regular fertilizing if you under feed them, they'll under perform, with unimpressive flowers, yellow leaves and a weak appearance. With nourishment from Highland Rim fertilizer tablets, they'll produce their biggest, brightest, most beautiful blooms possible.

HIGHLAND RIM tablets are safe and non-toxic. They will not promote algae blooms in ponds, and they will not harm fish or other aquatic life. Many water lilies grow poorly with fertilizers containing copper. HIGHLAND RIM'S copper-free formula avoids those problems entirely.

Developed by a water garden nursery known world wide for superior plants and products. Essential elements and key micronutrients in each tablet are carefully formulated to promote flowering plants' maximum blooming potential. Specifically created as a fast acting fertilizer, they give newly planted aquatic plants a strong, early start. Highland Rim tablets are safe and nontoxic. They will not promote algae blooms in ponds and they will not harm fish or other aquatic life

Application Rate: Use one tablet per gallon of pot size up to a maximum of five tablets. For pots over ten gallons use one tablet per two gallons of size. When possible use when first potting plants place tablet near bottom of the pot near the roots. Refertilize monthly during the growing season for outstanding growth and color!




12-count packet $5.40

36-count Container $11.60


80-count Container $23.40

300-count Bucket $78.00


1,000-count Bucket $175.00




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